Leicester archaeologists uncover 15th century wall

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ULAS discover ancient wall on De Montfort University site
Leicester archaeologists uncover 15th century wall

Source: Leicester Mercury

Part of a medieval wall dating back to the 15th century has been unearthed by archaeologists from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) digging at De Montfort University.

The 15th century structure is the boundary wall that once surrounded the Newarke area of the medieval city.

The Newarke was a religious precinct built in the 1400s as a college for priests on the edge of the city and some of Leicester's oldest buildings, including Trinity House and The Chantry, which date from when the Newarke wall was built, are still being used today.

Rather than extracting the wall, it will be carefully reburied and preserved for future generations to rediscover.

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