Earth observation academics explain plans to reduce light pollution in city

Posted by ac555 at Mar 19, 2014 05:10 PM |
Planet Earth podcast explores City Council’s plans to transform light in Leicester

Two academics from the University’s Department of Physics and Astronomy have provided expert commentary on the Natural Environment Research Council’s (NERC) latest Planet Earth podcast, ‘Cutting light pollution in big cities’, which delves into the council’s plans to reduce their carbon footprint.

Dr Roland Leigh and Dr Josh Vande Hey from the University’s Earth Observation Science Group are working closely with Leicester City Council to help the city reduce its energy bills.

Light pollution can contribute to disrupted sleep patterns and disturb the city’s ecosystems, impacting on our wildlife. The council has been working closely with the University to roll out new LED lantern street lights which are much more efficient than the current sodium street lights, reducing the wattage of electricity needed to illuminate Leicester.

In partnership with the aerial survey specialists Bluesky, the University is conducting trials of the world’s first integrated night mapping system. This useful tool for managing street lighting operations and maintenance is a key resource to tackle energy inefficiency and has been informing the City Council’s plans.