Cultural heritage of textile industry to be discussed at major international workshop in Jordan, Amman

Posted by ap507 at Mar 19, 2014 11:45 AM |
Interdisciplinary event organised by Dr Mary Harlow to take place between 24 – 31 March

Dr Mary Harlow (pictured) from the School of Archaelogy and Ancient History is co-organising a major workshop of international interest, taking place from Monday 24 and Monday 31 March 2014 at the Jordan Museum, Amman, which will explore issues surrounding the cultural heritage of the textile industry.

The workshop, entitled ‘Traditional Textile Craft – An Intangible Cultural Heritage?’, will highlight how textile remains in archaeology are often insubstantial, and the problems that occur when researching ways in which people produced and wore clothing in the past.

The workshop will bring together over 30 international experts to discuss various aspects of textile production, from antiquity to the present, from an interdisciplinary standpoint.

Jordan was chosen as the venue as it has a long tradition of preserving and reviving traditional textile crafts for new environments and markets. Women in particular have been trained in crafts that were almost extinct – these craft skills been passed on to new generations and income streams have become available to families who have used the profits to educate their children and improve their living conditions.

The event was organised with Dr Eva Andersson Strand from the Danish national Research Foundation’s Centre for Textile Research, University of Copenhagen and Jihad Kafafi from The Jordan Museum.

Listen to a podcast of Dr Mary Harlow discussing her research into 'Traditional Textile Techniques' here: