Air quality mapper to be trialled across UK

Posted by er134 at Mar 06, 2014 03:38 PM |
Bluesky announce commercial trials of satellite prototype developed by Leicester scientists
Air quality mapper to be trialled across UK

Source image copyright BLOM Aerofilms

Having successfully completed a project to map air pollution in the city of Leicester using the Airborne Air Quality Mapper (AQM), aerial mapping company Bluesky is seeking new sites in the UK to trial its ground breaking survey technology.

Using a world first spectrometer, developed by our scientists, mounted on an aerial survey plane, the system can accurately record levels of nitrogen dioxide across entire cities. The colour coded air pollution maps can be overlaid on digital maps or online mapping systems such as Google Earth.

The technology has previously been used as part the CityScan project with devices mounted on tall buildings in Leicester, Bologna and London during the Olympics to build 3D maps of pollution across the cities.