A Crusading Richard III?

Posted by ap507 at Mar 24, 2014 12:31 PM |
Professor Norman Housley discusses evidence connecting the last Plantagenet king with The Crusades

Professor Norman Housley (pictured) from the School of History has written a blog outlining evidence connecting Richard III with The Crusades.

In the blog, Professor Housley explains how, while holding court at Middleham in May of 1484, Richard III indulged in an outburst of crusading passion while in conversation with Nicholas von Poppelau, a Silesian ambassador of the Holy Roman Emperor Frederick III, stating:

‘I wish that my kingdom lay upon the confines of Turkey; with my own people alone and without the help of other princes I should like to drive away not only the Turks, but all my foes.’

While acknowledging that it would be wrong to make too much of a reported dinner table conversation, the words carry the stamp of authenticity and point towards Richard remaining uneasily aware of the perils he was facing even as he held magnificent court in the heart of his lands in the north.

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