‘Business managers and bosses could learn important lessons from The Lego Movie’

Posted by ap507 at Mar 11, 2014 09:30 AM |
Professor Martin Parker from the School of Management outlines how The Lego Movie shows what audiences think of large corporations

The Lego Movie may seem like a glorified 90-minute advert for plastic bricks aimed at impressionable youngsters, but Professor Martin Parker (pictured) from the School of Management has claimed that watching the film may be interesting for business managers and bosses – and that there is a valuable lesson to be learned from its blocky hijinks.

In an article on The Conversation, Professor Parker outlines how blockbuster films often portray business moguls as ‘bad guys’ through obvious and exaggerated visual clues – such as having bad hair and being able to transform at whim into a dark alter-ego – even though these films are often funded by the very people they criticise. This creates an unusual dynamic where the self-criticism of big companies by big companies makes more money for big companies.

Professor Parker suggests that if The Lego Movie tried to claim that big corporations were benevolent and kind, people wouldn’t believe the plot - it takes a sociopathic boss to make a plot believable, which shows how little people trust big corporations.

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