Student life documentary filmed on campus airs this week

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Four-part series showcasing life as a fresher at the University will be transmitted beginning Thursday 3 July
Student life documentary filmed on campus airs this week

The Secret Life of Students

The Secret Life of Students follows a group of first year students with a diverse range of aspirations, backgrounds and academic interests over their first semester at Leicester and covers all aspects of contemporary student life.

The series offers a warts and all insight into the highs and lows of student life in general, and the experience of first year students at Leicester in particular. As a leading top 20 university with a high public profile, the University was keen to open its doors to multi-award winning Raw TV, on behalf of Channel 4, in order to share the experience of 21st Century students.

Student life has changed radically over the years. Smartphones, social networks and microblogging have transformed the experience. The series makes revolutionary use of technology by tapping into student conversations on phones and social media during their first semester.

The 2013/14 undergraduate intake were contacted and more than 20 per cent applied to take part. From those, 12 students were selected to feature in the series.

The Secret Life of Students will be broadcast on Thursdays at 10pm, Channel 4, beginning 3 July.

For more information, please contact the News Centre.

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