New romance story ‘The Glass Heart Girl’ published

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University campus becomes setting for new novel by author Michelle Diana Lowe
New romance story ‘The Glass Heart Girl’ published

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The University campus will become the setting for a new fictional adult romance novel about one young student’s momentous journey to overcome her traumatic past and learn the true meaning of love.

Author Michelle Diana Lowe’s The Glass Heart Girl, tells the story of a student at the University, 20 year old Alena Pavlis, who meets another student, Phillip Gregson, during Freshers' Week. While the two quickly fall in love, their relationship runs into difficulties when issues from Alena’s past re-emerge – and she soon finds herself at a dangerous crossroads.

The book also highlights and covers real issues that could help young people – which are shown through Alena’s character. A variety of diverse cultural backgrounds are also shown through the main characters within the book.

The University proved to be the perfect location for Michelle to set The Glass Heart Girl. Michelle also chose to set the book at the University of Leicester because of the University’s motto: Ut Vitam Habeant – meaning, ‘so that they may have life’, which inspired her and ties in well with Alena’s aspirations.

Author Michelle has previously published two other books to date: Heaven Calls For An Angel, a story written in tribute to a dear friend of hers who sadly passed away from cancer; and Dangerous Calculations, a short story which tells the emotive tale of an inappropriate relationship between a high school student and their teacher.

The Glass Heart Girl is available Friday 4 July from Amazon (in ebook and paperback format), Kobo and Smashwords.

Michelle Diana Lowe’s official website can be found here.

You can enquire about ordering a copy of the book via the University Bookshop at

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