Academics examine new trend for nearshoring

Posted by pt91 at Jun 26, 2014 05:13 PM |
Leicester employment expert co-organises international conference

Nearshoring - the hottest new trend in global manufacturing - is based on the use of low-paid labour which can be exploited because it lacks unions to fight for it, an exhaustive study into working practices at Foxconn suggests.

Nearshoring occurs when multinationals transfer their production from low-wage economies, such as China, to countries conveniently situated much nearer to their lucrative customer bases in developed economies.

Dr Rutvica Andrijasevic (pictured) from our School of Management and Dr Devi Sacchetto from the University of Padua have conducted research on the topic, based on interviews with current and ex-Foxconn workers, trade union and government officials, and staff at non-governmental organisations.

The academic have organised a conference entitled ‘Forms of Labour in Europe and China. The Case of Foxconn’ held at the University of Padua in Italy from 26 – 27 June bringing together international academics and practitioners to discuss global politics of labour.