100 Stories of Migration exhibition now open

Posted by ap507 at Jun 25, 2014 11:50 AM |
Museum Studies exhibition running until 13 February 2015

The 100 Stories of Migration exhibition is now open and will run until 13 February 2015 at the University's School of Museum Studies.

A partnership between the School of Museum Studies and the Migration Museum Project, the photographic exhibition and accompanying media explore and pose questions around the ways in which migration affects us all.

We all have our own stories of migration, whether it is the story passed down regarding our family’s heritage or our experiences of interacting with or getting to know new members of our community. These stories inform our individual views and help shape the public policies and broader social debates around this topic.

The images in this exhibition present individual stories of migration across different times and from different places and perspectives. These are grouped within five interlinking themes:

  • My migration journey explores the reasons people migrate as well as their physical and emotional journeys of migration.
  • How I fit in focuses on how migrants and the communities they join perceive their identities.
  • One thing to take with me considers the objects migrants bring with them and their significance.
  • Living in-between explores stories of statelessness and how migrants can be caught in situations in which they need to wait for others to make decisions regarding their future lives.
  • Everyone is welcome raises questions around how migrants feel (or are made to feel) welcome or unwelcome in their new surroundings.

To share your own images and stories of migration visit the Migration Museum Project’s flickr site here.

Watch interviews and videos to learn and find out more about the stories in the exhibition and different perspectives on migration here.

The 100 Stories of Migration website can be found here.