Video: First look at the King Richard III Visitor Centre

Posted by pt91 at Jul 24, 2014 04:25 PM |
Key figures in the development of the new centre share their first impressions

Richard Buckley, Dr Turi King and Professor Kevin Schürer from the University of Leicester join Leicester City Mayor Peter Soulsby and Iain Gordon, Director of King Richard III Visitor Centre Trust, in giving their reactions to 'Richard III - dynasty, death and discovery' which opens in Leicester on Saturday 26 July.

The £4 million site takes visitors on the journey from the 15th century Battle of Bosworth to the 21st century return of the King.

The University of Leicester has played a key role in the development of the Centre, with the first floor focusing on the discovery and identification of the King in the car park by Richard Buckley, Mathew Morris, Dr Turi King, Professor Kevin Schürer, Dr Jo Appleby and colleagues. Historian David Baldwin, who predicted in a published paper in 1986, that the remains of the King could be discovered by an excavation at the site, is also featured.

The exhibition features video dig diaries from the team, photographs taken throughout the excavation and the detailed science involved in identifying the bones as the last Plantagenet King, not to mention the exact spot where the bones were found.  The press conference held at the University announcing to the world the discovery of the remains is also featured.

Watch the video here: