Study investigates hate and prejudice towards Muslim women

Posted by ap507 at Jul 03, 2014 09:10 AM |
New study uncovers empirical evidence of crimes against veiled Muslim women – some of whom are afraid to leave their homes because of the way they dress

A unique new study has uncovered the extent of gender discrimination as an expression of Islamophobia – an irrational fear and loathing of Muslims.

Led by the University of Leicester, which houses a Centre for Hate Studies in the Department of Criminology, it offers a unique insight into the experiences of veiled Muslim women as victims of Islamophobia, and the impact of this victimisation upon victims, their families and wider Muslim communities.

Islamophobia, Victimisation and the Veil is a new book by Drs Irene Zempi and Neil Chakraborti. Published by Palgrave Macmillan, it is based on empirical research which explores the vulnerability of veiled Muslim women as actual and potential victims to acts of Islamophobic hate and prejudice in public places.

In the light of the nature of and wider harms associated with Islamophobia, the academic researchers make the case for a more effective approach to engaging with veiled Muslim women as victims of Islamophobia; one which recognises their multiple vulnerabilities and which takes into consideration their distinct cultural and religious needs. For example, access to female police officers and support workers is an important need for some veiled Muslim women who will not otherwise access these services.

More details about the book are available here.

The book can be ordered through the University's bookshop here.

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