Work-Life Balance in the Recession and Beyond

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Professor Stephen Wood to co-organise new ESRC seminar series

Professor Stephen Wood (pictured) from the School of Management is to co-organise a new ESRC seminar series entitled 'Work-Life Balance in the Recession and Beyond'. 

This will explore such issues as: What happens to work-life balance in a time of economic recession and austerity measures? Do economic pressures overshadow social and individual concerns and if so, are policies and practices to support work-life balance threatened, or will austerity drive innovative and positive changes?

The aims of this seminar series are to:

  • understand the work-life challenges for employees, employers and policy-makers posed by economic recession and austerity measures;
  • provide a forum for a range of stakeholders, from academia, business, the public and voluntary sectors, to discuss how to meet these challenges;
  • contribute to current policy debates on work-life balance, and on the quality of working life, happiness, social justice, equalities, and care-giving.

Seminars, which will take place at a variety of venues, will examine the implications of the economic environment for gender equality, health and well-being, care and care-giving, employment relations and workplace innovations. They will also explore the impacts of economic recession and austerity measures on individuals, families, organizations and the wider community. Contributors will highlight experiences in national contexts aside from the UK, as well as innovative workplace and policy initiatives.

ESRC seminar series are intended for policy-makers, practitioners and academics. Further details can be found here.

Other organisers include Suzan Lewis and Nicky Payne (Middlesex), Colette Fagan (Manchester), Clare Lyonette (Warwick), Deirdre Anderson (Cranfield), Roberta Guerrina (Surrey).

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