Gibraltar border tensions are set to continue, argues academic

Posted by ap507 at Jan 09, 2014 11:19 AM |
Dr Chris Grocott discusses issues surrounding border checks in Gibraltar

The long-standing stalemate between Spain and the UK over Gibraltar's frontier is set to continue, argues Dr Chris Grocott (pictured) from the School of Management - despite the already excessive length of time the frontier issue has lasted for.

Last summer, Spain introduced rigorous border checks following a dispute over an artificial reef being created off the Gibraltar coast. While the UK opposed this, the EU found no legal objection, and the border checks have remained in place until this day.

Due to these checks, there have been reports of traffic delays of up to eight hours during the summer, and fears that the controls could harm Gibraltar’s tourism – a major part of its economy.

Dr Grocott said: “Some argue that the UK Government should simply ‘hand Gibraltar back’, and such anti-imperialist sentiment is somewhat understandable. But we haven’t got a situation where this is just Britain and Spain. It is Spain, Britain and Gibraltar. We have played a significant role in creating this third group – the Gibraltarians - and have a responsibility towards them."

Dr Grocott has extensively researched the history, politics, and economy of Gibraltar for more than 15 years.

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