Blazing Car Murder victim still a mystery

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Investigation outcome shows William Briggs's DNA does not match
Blazing Car Murder victim still a mystery

Slide being removed from Coplin Jar for testing.

Results of an investigation, involving forensic experts at Leicester, into an infamous 80-year old murder case have been revealed.

On the BBC’s One Show tonight (20 Jan), the forensic team from the University of Leicester and Northumbria University announced the results of their investigation to identify the victim of a gruesome murder case from 1930.

Relatives of William Briggs worked with the team to determine whether he was the unidentified victim of a car fire in Hardingstone, Northamptonshire.

Although the team were able to obtain the mtDNA profile of the victim, the results of DNA analysis have confirmed that family members of William Briggs did not have mtDNA consistent with the tissue from the victim.  Therefore William Briggs has been excluded as the source of the tissue from the autopsy of the blazing car murder victim

However, the results show that the DNA from the tissue sample is that of an uncontaminated profile, opening the possibility that a match could still be identified.

Dr John Bond OBE from the Department of Chemistry and Dr Lisa Smith from the Department of Criminology worked with colleagues from Northumbria University, Northamptonshire Police and The Royal London Hospital Museum.

Although the victim of the Blazing Car Murder remains unidentified, Dr Bond has praised the challenging achievement of obtaining Mitochondrial DNA from a microscope slide over 80 years old, opening the door for other material from other cases to be tested in a similar way.


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