'Apolo-tree' planted by green-fingered students

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Society for Postgraduate English Literature and Languages get environmental by planting a red oak tree on campus
'Apolo-tree' planted by green-fingered students

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Green-fingered students from the Society for Postgraduate English Literature and Language (SPELL) are literally breaking new ground this term by kicking off events with a tree planting on Wednesday 22 January at 2:00pm.

The enterprising society is donating £50 towards the planting of a red oak tree (Quercus rubra) on the boundary between Main Campus and Victoria Park.

SPELL Secretary Suzi Shimwell, who led the bid to get the tree planted, said: "The idea came out of a brainstorming session. We wanted to give something back to the wider community and came up with the idea of an ‘apolo-tree’ – a tree planted by way of apology for all the paper we’ve used in the pursuit of our research."

The group is keen to see this initiative as the beginning of a trend, hoping that other societies will join them in turning over a new leaf.

SPELL President Rebecca Shuttleworth said: ‘SPELL hopes this gesture will encourage other societies to consider giving something back to the University’. 

Jamie Whitehouse, the Gardens Manager, concluded: ‘Donations are appreciated by the University and we would be very keen to hear from other groups wishing to offset their carbon footprints’.

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