Academic to launch pilot study into kidney injury in heart patients

Posted by ap507 at Jan 13, 2014 10:40 AM |
Professor Gavin Murphy receives funding from Leicestershire charity Heart Link

Professor Gavin Murphy from the Department of Cardiovascular Sciences has received £25,000 of funding from Heart Link, the Leicestershire charity that supports children with heart defects, to launch a pilot study looking into the effect of kidney injury on children born with heart problems.

The study, which is being done in collaboration with the University of Milan, will be carried out at Leicester's Glenfield Hospital. The aim of the study is to learn more about the effect of kidney inflammation in patients who have had heart surgery.

The study will be measuring blood samples to see if there is a link as to why some children and some neonatal patients suffer kidney injury, why some recover and why, with others, it seems to trigger greater issues, such as multi-organ failure.

In addition to raising money for research, Heart Link, which was formed in 1981, has bought thousands of pounds worth of equipment for the children's heart centre at Glenfield, as well as paying to create accommodation for parents to stay near the children along with indoor and outdoor play areas.