Leicester expert on asbestos-related cancer speaks at the House of Lords

Posted by ap507 at Feb 26, 2014 10:40 AM |
Professor Dean Fennell addresses the House of Lords in support of Lord Saatchi’s Medical Innovation Bill

On 26 February, Professor Dean Fennell (pictured) addressed the House of Lords, in support of Maurice Saatchi's Medical Innovation Bill, about his world-leading research into an asbestos-related cancer - which is set to affect more and more people over the next decade.

His talk formed part of the House of Lords’ very first Google Hangout event. Professor Fennell, from our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine, was specifically invited to the event due to his groundbreaking research into mesothelioma – a type of lung cancer closely associated with those who have been exposed to asbestos.

Numbers of patients in the UK have grown from 153 in 1968 to 2,321 in 2009 – and the UK has the highest number of incidences in the world.

The bill aims to allow doctors to gain more flexibility in applying innovative approaches based on scientific research and advances when treating patients.

The Government has supported the bill, and has pledged to support its passage through Parliament if enough public support is registered via a public consultation.

Professor Fennell will also be launching two new trials later this year – namely MARS 2, which looks at the effectiveness of using surgery to remove mesothelioma tumors, and one into the drug Tremelimumab, which aims to activate the immune system to target the cancer.