World's first ehealth app to support cancer patients and families launches

Posted by ap507 at Dec 18, 2014 09:26 AM |
New innovative CancerStories project led by University of Leicester academic shows how people cope with cancer

The world’s first ehealth app to support cancer patients and families has been launched.

Compatible with Apple devices, CancerStories is an ehealth innovation that aims to provide hope and inspiration for those newly diagnosed as well as long term cancer survivors.

The project is led by Dr Alex Mitchell (pictured) from the Department of Cancer Studies together with volunteers and is hosted by CancerStories Ltd, a not-for-profit organisation. 

CancerStories offers something therapeutic for everyone affected by cancer and does not rely on a referral to a hospital specialist which is not always available for emotional complications.

Cancer affects one in three people and most families will have experience of cancer. CancerStories provides patients and families with personal first-hand accounts of how real patients coped with their cancer. 

CancerStories can be accessed on the app store from any country or directly.

An overview of CancerStories can be found here.

People with cancer who want to volunteer to record their story can get in touch with the project team by contacting