"We should be paying more Tax, Not Less!"

Posted by ap507 at Dec 03, 2014 04:50 PM |
On the day of 2014’s Autumn Statement, Richard Courtney, Lecturer in Employment Studies at the University of Leicester School of Management opposes the ideology of minimum taxation

In a comment piece on the 'Management is Too Important Not to Debate' blog, Dr Richard Courtney (pictured), Lecturer in Employment Studies attacks the Government narrative on tax cuts.

“National economies are not at all like individual households yet they are regularly referred to as if they were, with clear political intent. I’m pretty much sick of it,” he says in a hard-hitting opinion piece.

Dr Courtney, of the Centre for Labour Market Studies in the School of Management, states: “The low tax ideology filling statements like todays demonstrably results in the removal of choice and the prevention of prosperity.”

He adds: “Despite the rhetoric of choice, individual freedom and responsibility, there is always a social cost hidden behind tax cuts: the burden has to be moved elsewhere, usually clandestinely

“However counter-intuitive it might sound, tax cuts are the real burden on society.”

Dr Courtney is a graduate of the University's Department of Sociology.

You can read Dr Courtney’s blog, 'We should be paying more Tax, Not Less!', here.