Watch some of our leading PhD graduates discuss their research

Posted by pt91 at Dec 03, 2014 01:05 PM |
New video archive covers topics as varied as diabetes and the history of turkeys

The Graduate School's annual Doctoral Inaugural Lectures series celebrates doctoral graduates who are academically outstanding and who can present their work in an engaging and accessible way to the wider University and the public. The lectures have established themselves as a highlight of the postgraduate calendar and a terrific success both with audiences and those taking part.

The lectures follow the tone and format of the University's Professorial Inaugural Lectures and provide some of our leading doctoral graduates with a unique opportunity to share something of the cutting edge research taking place right across the University.

You can now stream online videos of past Doctoral Inaugural Lectures – making these events even more accessible to the wider public. The videos have been edited and published by Ralitsa Kantcheva of the Leicester Learning Institute, which organises the lectures.

“I am very pleased that these videos have been made available publicly”, said Graduate Dean, Professor Sarah Hainsworth. “These prestigious events reflect the Graduate School’s commitment to supporting innovative personal and professional development opportunities for the University’s research students. Those who are invited to lecture have a unique chance to present their research to the University community, the public, and the media – but it is also a way to make new contacts, develop their presentation skills, and establish themselves as professional researchers.”

The next Doctoral Inaugural Lectures take place Wednesday 10 December 2014. The speakers will be Dr Alessio Bortoluzzi (Department of Biochemistry) and Dr Will Nicolson (Department of Cardiovascular Sciences). The lectures are open to all, but places must be booked in advance via their online booking form.