Study offers hope for tackling signs of ageing in the future

Posted by ap507 at Dec 08, 2014 11:00 AM |
Team identifies ‘markers’ to spot old cells in the body – offering hope in the fight against cancer and ageing

A new advance in biomedical research could have potential in the future to assist with tackling diseases and conditions associated with ageing – as well as in treating cancer.

The team carried out the study to find new ways of identifying old cells, called 'senescent', in the body, which when accumulated in human tissue and contribute to symptoms of ageing. Old cells can also appear as a result of the activation of the internal anti-cancer mechanisms of the human body.

The team has found a series of markers that help to detect senescent cells that could also be used to predict increased survival in certain types of cancer.  

The research coordinated by Dr Salvador Macip (pictured) from the Mechanisms of Cancer and Ageing Lab, which has shown promise in clinical samples, has been published in the prestigious scientific journal, Cell Death and Disease.

The work was funded by the MRC, the University of Leicester, the Saudi Arabian Government and the RSCF and involved scientists from the Departments of Biochemistry and Cancer Studies of the University of Leicester, the Umm AL-Qura University and the Russian Academy of Sciences.