Sixth formers given an insight into how chemistry can solve crimes

Posted by ap507 at Dec 01, 2014 01:30 PM |
Dr John Bond OBE holds talk on 'solving crime with Chemistry' at Institute of Education in London

Dr John Bond OBE from the Department of Criminology was invited to the Institute of Education in London to deliver a talk on 'solving crime with Chemistry' to sixth form students on 28 November, where he addressed over 900 students and explained the significance of the ground-breaking research at the University.

The event, which was organised by the Training Partnership and will be repeated again later in December, showed sixth formers how science is used in everyday life and the continuing role of chemistry in scientific fields.

The talk included research from across the University, including the Departments of Chemistry, Engineering, Genetics and Criminology.

Dr Bond said: "It is essential to engage sixth formers in how science is being used in everyday life to ensure that we continue to attract the most able students to science based undergraduate programmes in the UK."


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