New cancer treatment study wins international accolade

Posted by ap507 at Dec 01, 2014 09:55 AM |
Dr Simon Wagner Wins GSK’s Discovery Fast Track Challenge to Investigate Potential New Cancer Treatments

Dr Simon Wagner (pictured), Reader in Cancer Studies has been selected as a winner of GSK’s 2014 Discovery Fast Track Challenge, which is designed to encourage the translation of academic research into novel therapies.

Dr Wagner, who is also a Consultant in Haemato-Oncology at Leicester’s Hospitals, will work with scientists in GSK’s Discovery Partnerships with Academia (DPAc) and the Molecular Discovery Research teams to test their hypotheses and screen targets against GSK’s compound collection.  Active compounds could then form the basis of full drug discovery programmes that may ultimately lead to innovative medicines for a range of blood-borne and other cancers.

Dr Wagner’s is one of 14 winning proposals, chosen from 428 entries drawn from 234 universities and academic institutes across 26 countries in North America and Europe. Research between the University of Leicester and GSK will focus on  the identification of promising molecules that interact with a specific protein target known to be important in a range of cancers. These include aggressive forms of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, a type of cancer that starts in the lymph glands.

Dr James Lapworth, from the University's Enterprise & Business Development Office, said the new partnership provided a great opportunity to match Leicester’s clinical and academic strengths in oncology with one of the biggest drug discovery capabilities in the world.