Cough campaign gives urgent lung cancer tests to thousands of people

Posted by ap507 at Dec 17, 2014 10:46 AM |
University of Leicester and University Hospitals of Leicester expert authors new study

Following a campaign urging people with a persistent cough to visit their doctor, there has been a surge of lung cancers diagnosed at an early enough stage for the patients to receive surgery which could be curative.

More than 3,000 extra referrals were made by GPs according to an analysis of the campaign results led by Cancer Research UK published in the British Journal of Cancer.

This is an increase of more than 30 per cent in referrals during the months surrounding the campaign, May to July 2012, compared with the same three month period the year before.

The work was led by Dr Mick Peake (pictured), senior lecturer at the University of Leicester and consultant in respiratory medicine at University Hospitals of Leicester. Dr Peake is based at the Institute for Lung Health established by the Senate of the University of Leicester to act as an umbrella for all those engaged in respiratory research and clinical development in Leicester.

In the months surrounding the powerful Be Clear on Cancer campaign around 700 extra patients were diagnosed with lung cancer – many at an early stage – and nearly 300 more patients received surgery.

This kind of awareness campaign can ​lead to earlier diagnosis which in turn gives patients a better chance of successful surgery, follow up treatment and prolonged survival.