Art and humour as an antidote for University lecturer

Posted by ap507 at Dec 04, 2014 11:45 AM |
Dr Mark Hamilton's art exhibition opens at Embrace Arts on 5 December
Art and humour as an antidote for University lecturer

Credit: Dr Mark Hamilton

Embrace Arts will present an exhibition of drawings by Dr Mark Hamilton from the Department of Medical and Social Care Education on Friday 5 December 2014.

Mark creates funny illustrations on his tablet computer exploring mundane life with a touch of humour. He has always enjoyed drawing and a few years ago started experimenting, creating drawings with his tablet computer. Using a basic drawing application, Mark gives the images a hand drawn quality completed with small mistakes and blemishes.

The exhibition showcases a light-hearted insight into the imagination of Mark Hamilton. The exhibition features a number of new works alongside enlarged versions of some of his bestselling card designs like ‘Marmite love’ and ‘Ghetto blaster’.

Quirky drawings for lovely folk will take place at Embrace Arts between Friday 5 December 2014 and Saturday 31 January 2015. Entrance to the event is free and all the work in the exhibition is for sale.