New Blazing Car Murder investigation leads

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Dr John Bond reveals the team investigating 1930's cold case have 'two good prospects'
New Blazing Car Murder investigation leads

DNA extracted from slide samples did not match the family of William Briggs

Attempts by a forensic team at the University of Leicester to identify the victim of a gruesome murder case from 1930 have led scientists to find "two good prospects" in solving the case.

The case involved the murder of a male in a car fire in Northamptonshire in November, 1930. Alfred Rouse was convicted, and later hanged, for murdering his victim who to this day, has not been identified.

The team led by Dr John Bond OBE from our Department of Chemistry and Dr Lisa Smith from our Department of Criminology has already ruled out that the victim could have been 23-year-old factory worker William Briggs.

Dr Bond has now revealed that they have two good prospects after receiving numerous calls from families who have come forward, since watching The One Show, believing the victim could be a missing relative.

The lecturers are trying to discover the mystery victim's identity by profiling the circumstances of a person's disappearance and then taking cheek swabs from suspected descendants, to confirm the DNA link.

Dr Bond said: "It's now simply a case of getting a swab from the relatives, profiled and a comparison made."