Book of condolences in memory of Lord Attenborough

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University Centre that bears his name honours Patron and supporter
Book of condolences in memory of Lord Attenborough

© University of Leicester; The Book of Condolences at the Richard Attenborough Centre, University of Leicester

A book of condolences in memory of Lord Attenborough has been opened at the University of Leicester – the institution with which he had a lifelong association.

Lord Attenborough, who died aged 90, was raised with his brothers on the campus of the University of Leicester where his father, Frederick Attenborough, was the Principal of the University College –the forerunner to the University. Their former home, College House, is still located on the University site.

He helped found the inclusive arts centre at the University of Leicester to which he gave his name.  Now housed in a dedicated building bearing his name, Embrace Arts is a multi-use inclusive arts centre, with a history of promotion and encouragement of engagement in the arts by people with disabilities.

A physical book of condolences is available for people to write tributes in the Richard Attenborough Centre, Lancaster Road, Leicester. An online book of condolences is also available to sign.

Tributes have been paid to him and a dedicated site created last year to mark his 90th birthday provides a living record of people’s memories of him.

The Richard Attenborough Centre has set up a dedicated site for tributes here.