University receives substantial EU doctoral training programme grant

Posted by ap507 at Apr 14, 2014 01:18 PM |
PhD students to receive large-scale funding for innovative research in the field of forensic science

PhD students will receive unprecedented doctoral training in forensic science through a substantial EU Marie Curie Innovative Doctoral Programme grant awarded to the University – the first of its kind to focus on training and research in forensic science.

The successful bid was submitted by Dr Lisa Smith (Project Coordinator) from the Department of Criminology and Dr John Bond from the Department of Chemistry together with input from 12 academic supervisors representing nine disciplines, and aims to provide training and research opportunities to early stage researchers in a range of disciplines relating to forensic science. 

The Interdisciplinary Training and Research Programme for Innovative Doctorates in Forensic Science - INTREPID Forensics - is a €2.9 million, multidisciplinary project funded by the People Programme of the European Union’s Seventh Framework Programme and provides opportunities for 10 early stage researchers to pursue innovative research degrees focusing on areas applicable to the forensic sciences.

The training programme will develop skills in areas such as ethics in the forensic sciences, forensic science theory and practice, laws of evidence and forensic science in the criminal courts and working with industry to commercialise forensic science innovation.

This skills training, combined with the innovative, multidisciplinary research projects, has been designed to provide the PhD researchers with the experience they need to be successful in the forensic science industry.

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