Hillsborough – 25 Years On

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John Williams from the Department of Sociology writes article on aftermath of Hillsborough disaster for Leicester Exchanges
Hillsborough – 25 Years On

Source: Wikipedia; Photograph of the Leppings Lane end at Hillsborough stadium during the disaster.

John Williams (pictured) from the Department of Sociology has written an article for Leicester Exchanges about the Hillsborough disaster and its 25th anniversary, which took place on 15 April 2014.

In the article, he recounts how he was present during the event and describes the aftermath, suggesting that the British criminal/legal establishment initially managed the post-disaster process by trying to shift the blame for the events of 15 April 1989 and by systematically doctoring the available evidence about Hillsborough and its aftermath, before effectively closing ranks around the case.

He suggests that the re-investigated report published 12 September 2012 which reviewed some 450,000 documents, concluding that lives could have been saved, could have been carried out sooner - and that police practice investigations and inquests today will help in showing the bereaved of Liverpool the respect and dignity they and their families deserve after a long 25 years.