Universities UK report launched during conference at Leicester

Posted by pt91 at Sep 10, 2013 01:40 PM |
Report explains ‘where student fees go’

Universities UK have today (10 September) released a report answering the question that universities are often asked about tuition fees: Where do student fees go?

The report looks at the shift that occurred in 2012, from direct government funding of English universities to fees backed by public loans, when funding was cut and the fee cap increased to £9,000. Based on case studies from a range of universities, the report looks at how different institutions are responding to the changing student expectations in the light of these higher fees.

It is launched on the first day of Universities UK’s Member’s Annual Conference, which this year takes place at the University of Leicester’s conference facilities at Stamford Court.

The case studies demonstrate work that universities across the country are investing in to improve outreach and financial support, teaching and learning, campus life, employability and strategic choices. Leicester also features as a case study for our attempt to explain to our applicants how their fees fit in.

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