Major studies aim to find treatments for asbestos-related cancer

Posted by er134 at Sep 23, 2013 10:15 AM |
Leicester leads national and international studies into potential treatments for mesothelioma

Professor Dean Fennell (pictured), of our Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine, is leading two groundbreaking trials into mesothelioma - a form of lung cancer strongly linked with exposure to asbestos.

Despite the UK’s ban on asbestos issued in 1985, the number of deaths caused by the disease each year has grown from 153 in 1968 to 2,321 in 2009 – the highest incidence in the world.

Meso2, a study funded by Synta Pharmaceuticals, aims to test the effectiveness of a drug called ganetespib in preventing mesothelioma tumours.

The second trial is part of a global trial named COMMAND (Control of Mesothelioma with MAiNtenance Defactinib) sponsored by pharmaceutical company Verastem, which will investigate a new drug called defactinib.

The studies aim to test new potential treatments which could improve survival and quality of life for mesothelioma patients.