Major study aims to reduce radiotherapy side-effects

Posted by uatemp13 at Sep 13, 2013 11:11 AM |
Our researchers involved in £5 million study funded by European Union

Leicester scientists are involved in a major international study which aims to reduce the unwanted side-effects of radiotherapy and improve cancer treatment. Experts from our Department of Genetics, Department of Cancer Studies and Molecular Medicine are involved in REQUITE, a study funded by the European Union and involving 13 European institutions.

The £5 million study aims to identify ways to predict which breast, prostate and lung cancer patients are most likely to suffer long-term side effects. These findings will then be used to design trials to test if cancer treatment can be tailored more specially to individuals so that the worst side effects of radiation can be avoided.

Dr Christopher Talbot (pictured), of our Department of Genetics, is deputy co-ordinator of the project and the lead for the biomarkers work-package.

In the long-term around 20 per cent of those suffering with mild to severe side-effects – 1.4 million people – could benefit from the improvement the study brings.