Time capsule celebrating Hall of residence's history to be buried

Posted by ap507 at Sep 25, 2013 10:05 AM |
Memorabilia for College Hall site to be unearthed in 50 years

Notes, relics and memorabilia commemorating a former University hall of residence will be buried in a time capsule at the College Hall site on Knighton Road to celebrate the site’s 40 year history and mark its transition into a state-of-the-art conference venue.

Professor Sir Robert Burgess, Vice-Chancellor of the University, and Steve Crawford, Centre Director, will bury the capsule at the opening of the University’s new College Court conference venue on Tuesday, 1 October - the first day of business for the new centre.

The capsule will contain a range of objects recovered from the former student halls during the £17.5 million redevelopment - including postcards, beer mats and an Action Man from the 1960s.

A plaque will be placed above the capsule, with instructions for the box to be opened after 50 years, in the year 2063.

If you have any personal memories or items you feel should be documented, email: info@collegecourt.co.uk

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