Groundbreaking procedure used to tackle resistant high blood pressure

Posted by er134 at Sep 19, 2013 10:30 AM |
Consultant carries out first operation with innovative implant

Researchers at the University of Leicester and Glenfield Hospital have successfully used a novel “paper-clip” sized vascular coupling device to tackle resistant high blood pressure.

The operation was carried out on Monday 16 September at Glenfield Hospital by Professor André Ng (pictured), Professor of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the University of Leicester and Consultant Cardiologist at Glenfield Hospital.

The trial – called ROX CONTROL HTN – is designed to evaluate a novel treatment, called the ROX coupler, in patients with resistant hypertension.

The ROX Coupler is a small metal stent made of nitinol which when deployed, acts like a “paper-clip” joining an artery and a vein together in the groin area (called iliac vessels) to allow blood to flow between the high pressure artery and the low pressure vein.

Professor Ng said: “We hope this groundbreaking treatment will provide a life-line to patients who have had all the drugs prescribed and yet their blood pressure remain uncontrolled”