Funding injection for a better cure for Kidney disease

Posted by pt91 at Sep 11, 2013 02:55 PM |
Kidney research UK supports four research projects at Leicester

National charity Kidney Research UK has recently invested almost £150,000 into four kidney research projects involving our scientists.

Professor Andrew Fry (pictured), of the Department of Biochemistry, will conduct a two and half year research project investigating the cell biology that causes cystic kidney disease, and two particular proteins (NeK8 and Inversin) which play a role in kidney development.

These proteins interact to coordinate signals received by the developing kidney, but in childhood cystic kidney disease the signals change and faulty signalling means that fluid-filled cysts form on the kidney. The research will enable the understanding as to what goes wrong in the cells in order to create kidney problems and to eventually find a better treatment for cystic kidney diseases rather than kidney transplants and dialysis.

Kidney Research UK will also fund three Intercalated Degrees at the University. Intercalated Degrees allow medical students to take one year out of their medical degrees and assist with research in a lab. This year’s students will study three different topics; one will study how and why acute kidney injury occurs after heart surgery; the other two will investigate molecules associated with IgA nephropathy- a disease where the immune system attacks the kidney.

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