Celebrating seven milestones in University's history

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Legacy of Leicester campaign highlights world-class University achievements
Celebrating seven milestones in University's history

The Fielding Johnson Building on the University campus in the 1920s

The University is to celebrate seven milestones in its academic history - one for each of the decades since University College Leicester received the Royal Charter to become a University - at the start of the new academic year.

The Legacy of Leicester is a campaign that highlights the University’s world-class achievements and reflects the breadth of its groundbreaking research.

2014 will mark the final year in his term as Vice-Chancellor for Professor Sir Robert Burgess and the year will also mark the 100th anniversary of the Great War, the University of Leicester being Britain’s only living memorial to the First World War.

You can learn about the seven milestones on the dedicated University website via the links below through podcasts, talks, exhibitions and local and national publicity,:

  1. 1955 - The Making of the English Landscape Published
  2. 1966 - Mass Communication Research enters mainstream academia
  3. 1975 - Searching for Black Holes in Space
  4. 1984 - DNA Fingerprinting discovered
  5. 1994 - Textbook of Hypertension published
  6. 2000 - One of the most important sociologists of the twentieth Century
  7. 2012 - The discovery of Richard III