Legacy of Leicester: Figurational sociology

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Third podcast and Leicester Exchanges report on Legacy of Leicester campaign
Legacy of Leicester: Figurational sociology

Norbert Elias

The Legacy of Leicester is a chance to look back at seven great achievements for which the University is renowned, and through which it has contributed to the world we live in today. Seven discoveries: one for each of the decades since University College Leicester received the Royal Charter to become a University in its own right.

Norbert Elias is regarded today as the father of ‘figurational sociology’ and his groundbreaking book The Civilising Process remains as relevant as ever. He was described by Steven Pinker as “the greatest social thinker you’ve never heard of”

In 1954, after years ‘on the fringes of academia’, Elias was finally offered a full-time post – at the University of Leicester – where he spent eight years building up a thriving Department of Sociology before retiring in 1962. During his time at Leicester he refined and developed the ideas first presented in The Civilising Process including his original notion of ‘figurational sociology’, the study of interdependent, constantly shifting groups of people.

Professor Jason Hughes from our Department of Sociology and Stephen Mennell, Emeritus Professor in Sociology at University College Dublin discuss Elias’s impact on Leicester and in turn the city’s position in Sociology in a new podcast below. Plus Professor Hughes looks back over Elias's career on Leicester Exchanges.

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