Discovery of Richard III an 'extraordinary outcome'

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Worldwide significance of University research commented on by The Rt Hon David Willetts MP
Discovery of Richard III an 'extraordinary outcome'

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The work of the University in making pivotal research discoveries with worldwide significance has been commented on by The Rt Hon David Willetts MP, Minister of State for Universities and Science, in the latest Parliamentary Review of Higher Education.

Mr Willetts said in the foreword of the Review: “The worldwide media attention garnered by the University of Leicester after its archaeologists excavated the remains of Richard III shows how dogged scholarly pursuit can result in extraordinary outcomes.”

He continued by highlighting that universities provide a huge national economic advantage, creating employment through scientific advances, working with industry, providing skills and driving innovation.

Our research was mentioned again in a section of the Review dedicated to Richard III, outlining how the work of University archaeologists led to one of the year’s most extraordinary news stories – the discovery of the body of the long-lost English king.