A helping hand to blind and visually impaired footballers

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Ophthalmology Group to hold awareness event about eye condition Nystagmus on Friday 1 November
A helping hand to blind and visually impaired footballers

Professor Irene Gottlob, Head of Ophthalmology Group

Our Ophthalmology Group has arranged a special blind and partially sighted football taster event in partnership with the Leicester and Rutland County Football Association. The event will support athletes with visual impairments and raise awareness about eye conditions such as Nystagmus.

Nystagmus causes an individual's eyes to move involuntarily and affects approximately two to three in every 1,000 people. It is the main cause of serious visual impairment among school age children. As an adult it can affect many aspects of the sufferer’s life, from driving to making eye contact.

The event, one of many worldwide initiatives arranged to promote Wobbly Wednesday on 6 November - the first international Nystagmus Awareness Day organised by the Nystagmus Network - will introduce players to ‘blind futsal’, an adaptation of football for athletes with visual impairments, including blindness and Nystagmus.

The taster session will start at 7.00pm on Friday 1 November 2013 at Holmes Park in Whetstone, Leicester and is open to the public. There will be information about the Ophthalmology Group available, as well as games, a raffle and prizes to be won.

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