New University Centre to be delivered in partnership with Polytec

Posted by ap507 at Nov 19, 2013 11:05 AM |
New Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre (ASDEC) to be built at MIRA's £300 million Technology Park

The University is to build its Advanced Structural Dynamics Evaluation Centre (ASDEC) at MIRA’s ambitious £300 million Technology Park.

The Centre will enable us to offer the UK’s first commercially available 3D laser structural dynamics vibration testing and analysis centre for the automotive, aerospace and space industries.

It is the first of its kind in the UK to offer collaborative research and development and independent commercial 3D laser interferometry scanning measurement and modal analysis, modelling and certification services. It's also the University’s first off-campus industry-facing commercial facility, and will be available for use from mid-2014.

The ASDEC works using three robot-mounted laser scanners, which make non-contact vibration measurements of a surface, thus measuring anything from small components to whole vehicles. The laser beam is directed at a surface and the vibration amplitude and frequency are extracted from the laser beam frequency caused by the motion of the surface being measured.

ASDEC represents £2.5million of investment, and has been supported by the Government’s Regional Growth Fund and the European Regional Development Fund, and is delivered in partnership with Polytec.