Cybermen offer insight into development of the 'Posthuman'

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Bioethics expert argues that the Doctor Who villains echo concerns about technology enhanced humans
Cybermen offer insight into development of the 'Posthuman'

Source: Wikimedia Commons

On the eve of Doctor Who’s 50th anniversary on 23 November, a bioethics researcher at the University claims that one of the Doctor’s most fearsome villains – the Cybermen – represent public concerns about the greater use of technology in medicine.

In their article ‘The Cybermen as Human.2’, Dr Chris Willmott from the Department of Biochemistry and his former Research Assistant, Bonnie Green, reflect on ways in which the Doctor's metal-clad foe can offer insight into human enhancement and the development of the ‘Posthuman.’

Posthumans are seen to be a version of humanity with capabilities beyond those we could naturally develop without some form of technological intervention.

The essay appears in a new book, ‘New Dimensions of a Doctor Who: Adventures in space, time and television’,  published to coincide with the 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who.

In 2011 they contributed an essay on Daleks and the definition of a Species to "Doctor Who and Philosophy: Bigger on the inside'.

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