"The Doctor is more likely to change race than gender"

Posted by ap507 at Nov 20, 2013 12:35 PM |
Professor James Chapman answers questions about the enduring success of Doctor Who in anticipation of 50th Anniversary of iconic show
"The Doctor is more likely to change race than gender"

Source: Wikimedia Commons

In anticipation for the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary, Professor James Chapman from the Department of the History of Art and Film answered a series of questions outlining his opinions on the show, the differences between Doctors and his predictions for what may happen in the future of the franchise.

Among his predictions is the suggestion that the Doctor is more likely to change race in the future than gender.

Professor Chapman has written extensively on Dr Who, and his research focuses on British popular culture, especially cinema and television in their historical contexts.

He is interested in the role of the media as propaganda, the representation of war and history, and the cultural politics of popular fictions – including, but not limited to: Dick Barton, Dan Dare, James Bond, The Avengers and, of course, Doctor Who.

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