New calculations show £729 million boost to regional economy

Posted by uatemp13 at Sep 11, 2013 02:35 PM |
Figures reveal benefit to local and regional businesses from our work and expertise

The annual economic benefit of the University of Leicester on the city of Leicester and the Leicestershire region adds up to £729 million, according to new calculations.

A £279 million yearly turnover has an amplified worth of £665 million to the local and regional economy, with international students adding another £61 million. Additionally, the University directly employs nearly 3,500 staff and it indirectly supports a further 4,351 jobs.

These figures were revealed as the leaders of universities from across the UK gathered at Leicester’s campus for the Universities UK annual conference yesterday (11 September).

Further research showed that the 23,000 students studying at the University spend an average of £144.10 a week on rent, groceries, clothes and transport, all of which benefit the local economy, even before tuition fees are taken into account.