University archaeologists make a new car park discovery

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Archaeology unit behind the discovery of King Richard III finds 1,700 year old Roman cemetery in Leicester city centre
University archaeologists make a new car park discovery

Archaeologists uncover burials dating back to 300AD at Oxford Street car park, Leicester

Hot on the heels of their discovery of Richard III, University archaeologists have made another dramatic find under a second Leicester car park.

Archaeologists from the University of Leicester Archaeological Services (ULAS) have discovered a 1,700-old-Roman cemetery containing 13 ancient burials.

The find has revealed remains thought to date back to 300AD – and includes personal items such as hairpins, rings, belt buckles and remains of shoes.

Interestingly, the cemetery contains Christian burials alongside pagan burials – showing that Leicester was multicultural even in Roman times.

One of the bodies was found wearing a polished jet finger ring on their left hand which appears to have an early Christian Iota - Chi monogram etched onto it.

The dig was carried out in the car park on Oxford Street in Leicester’s historic city centre.

ULAS is based with the University’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History.

  • The Search for Richard III was led by the University of Leicester, working with Leicester City Council, in association with the Richard III Society.
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