Glorious summer of Richard III events in Leicester

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University of Leicester involved in activities and talks organised by Leicester City Council this summer
Glorious summer of Richard III events in Leicester

Groups of visitors are shown the floors and walls of the eastern cloister walk by Leon Hunt and Steve Baker of ULAS (Credit- University of Leicester)

This summer in Leicester it is all about celebrating the discovery of King Richard III, and there are plenty of different ways to get involved in the hype surrounding the University’s prestigious find.

Several of our very own academics involved in the discovery will be presenting talks to the general public about their contributions to the Search for Richard III.

In the coming weeks, Richard Buckley will be giving an evening talk about the Richard III excavation and how the team were able to identify the skeleton of Richard III. The Channel 4 documentaries will also be screened for all to relive the behind-the-scenes action from the only team allowed to follow the scientists on the excavation.

The events continue in June with ‘Dean Discussions’ from Leicester Cathedral, presented by Dr Turi King, Professor Kevin Schürer and Richard Buckley. Dr Jo Appleby will also be presenting a talk the same evening with particular emphasis on the battle trauma and identifying traces of violence on the skeleton.

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  • The Search for Richard III was led by the University of Leicester, working with Leicester City Council, in association with the Richard III Society.