University of Leicester announces search for King Richard IV

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New project follows unprecedented success of Search for Richard III
University of Leicester announces search for King Richard IV

A previous trench (for illustration purposes).

Following the unprecedented success of last year's search for the mortal remains of King Richard III, archaeologists at the University of Leicester have announced plans for a new, even more ambitious project. They intend to locate and uncover the last resting place of King Richard IV.

Although the precise site had been lost to time following the Dissolution, the location of Richard III's burial, in the church of the Grey Friars in Leicester, was recorded in historical documents. The search for Richard IV however presents a far greater challenge in that there is no known historical account of the King's burial. Or death. Or life.

Or indeed any mention of him at all.

A University spokesperson explained: "Our first search for a King succeeded beyond all expectations, with the royal remains discovered on the first day, before we had even got our reflective vests on or had a cup of tea or anything. So we are now on a bit of a roll and confident that we can find Richard IV and potentially even the man who defeated him, Henry IX."

Addendum, 12.00pm

Thanks for all your comments and retweets. To anyone uncertain about the above announcement, please check the date it was posted. You can find out more about our discovery of a real Plantagenent King on our Richard III website.

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