University of Leicester's Search for Richard III makes another appearance in the Commons

Posted by de57 at Mar 13, 2013 02:10 PM |
MPs debate reinterment of the remains of King Richard III on Tuesday 12th March

In a debate at the House of Commons regarding the eventual resting place of the remains of King Richard III, Jeremy Wright MP, Parliamentary Secretary of State for Justice, reaffirmed on Tuesday 12th march 2013 that the decision would remain in the hands of the University of Leicester as the holder of the exhumation licence. 

Yorkshire MPs Hugh Bayley and Julian Sturdy called yesterday for an independent body to decide the resting place of King Richard III. Speaking in Westminster Hall, the pair also made a case for the reinterment to take place at York.

In his closing statement, available via Hansard, Jeremy Wright (pictured) said: 

"It is the University of Leicester’s responsibility as holder of the licence to decide where the remains are finally laid to rest. That is the law.
"I understand the strength of feeling in York and in Yorkshire more widely. However, I should make it clear that York minster has openly supported the reinterment of the remains in Leicester cathedral.
"The broad terms of the licence allow [the University of Leicester] to reinter the remains effectively where it wants, with due regard to decency and the dignity of the deceased.”

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