Neuro-magic: How magic tricks the brain

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A magician is bringing his magic tricks to the field of neuroscience for his PhD at the University of Leicester
Neuro-magic: How magic tricks the brain

L-R Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga and Hugo Caffaratti

Hugo Caffaratti engineer and semi-professional magician from Barcelona, Spain has embarked upon a PhD with the University of Leicester’s Centre for Systems Neuroscience.

With 12 years of experience working with magic, Hugo specialises in card tricks and plans to investigate how our brains perceive what actually happens before our eyes.

He also plans to explore how our attention can be drawn away from important details and study “forced choice” – a tool often used by magicians where we are fooled into thinking we have made a free choice.

The engineer also has a longstanding interest in neuroscience and bioengineering, and he hopes to combine his two interests in his PhD thesis project, which covers a new field of Cognitive Neuroscience: Neuro-Magic.

He will work under the tutelage of Professor Rodrigo Quian Quiroga, director of the Centre for Systems Neuroscience.


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