Hear from two of the experts behind the discovery of Richard III

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Lecture to explore archaeology and genetics of the Search for Richard III Thursday 21 March
Hear from two of the experts behind the discovery of Richard III

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Archaeologist Mathew Morris and geneticist Dr Turi King will give an insight into the Search for Richard III at this year's Alumni Lecture.

The pair, who are both University of Leicester graduates and leading members of the Richard III Project Team, will speak on ‘The Search for Richard III – the Archaeology and the Genetics’ on Thursday 21 March.

Mathew Morris was Fieldwork Director on the Grey Friars dig and is an Archaeologist in the University of Leicester’s Archaeological Services; and Dr Turi King was Project Geneticist and Lecturer in Genetics and Archaeology in the Department of Genetics and the School of Historical Studies.

Mathew will place Grey Friars in the context of medieval Leicester and will look at how the University of Leicester’s Archaeological Services undertook the search for the Friary, what was found and explain what it tells us about Grey Friars. Mathew will then examine the archaeological and osteological evidence for identifying the skeleton as Richard III.

To follow, Dr Turi King will speak about her part as the Project Geneticist and the DNA analysis which contributed to the evidence that these were indeed the remains of Richard III.

With her background in both genetics and archaeology, Dr Turi King was brought onto the Grey Friars project early on.  Her role was to advise on the excavation of any remains deemed suitable for ancient DNA analysis and then to conduct such analysis as it arose.

The Alumni Lecture will take place on Thursday 21st March from 6.00pm in the Peter Williams Lecture Theatre, Fielding Johnson Building, South Wing.

The lecture is free and open to all. For more information and to book your place, please visit the Development and Alumni Relations Office website. You can also email alumni.relations@le.ac.uk or telephone: 0116 223 1071.